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How to create an android promotion video of your app

If you want to market your android app you have to create a cool promotion video for your app. You can link this video in the play store entry. This way more users will be attracted to your app. Creating such a promotion video is quite easy. All you need to have is some time and a few tools I will introduce to you.
I am not a professional promotion video creator, but I have already created a few videos for my app. Here is a small promotion video for my app Battery Temperature Guard for android. And this is a video for the temperature widget of the same app.

Screencast your android app

The first step is to create some screencasts of your android app. This means you have to film what is happening on your screen. The best free tool to do this is SCR Screen Recorder Free. It is a great tool to simply create videos of your app. Check this article how to use SCR and gain root on your device. On the screenshot below you can see the SCR widget. By clicking the orange button, it will disappear and create a video of your screen.
scr in action
The SCR widget is ready

Create your android promotion video

Now you have a bunch of videos you want to merge to a cool promotion video. I would recommend you to use the Microsoft Movie Maker. It is a simple tool to create/cut/annotate videos and images.
To use your screencast video inside the Movie Maker, you have to convert it using Free Video Converter. This tool is free. Add your video to the list and set the settings according to my screenshot below. Hit "convert" to convert the videos and wait a little bit.

converting to movie maker
Converting the screencast videos

Now start the Movie Maker and drop the converted video into the app. It will take some time for Movie Maker to read the video. Here you can see a screenshot of me creating a video on how to configure the widget textsize of my app battery temperature guard.

movie maker android promotion video
Loading the promotion video

You will notice, that the video is rotated and not as you want it to be. To change the rotation of the current selected video, tap on the small icon I have marked on this screenshot.
movie maker rotate video
Fixing the rotated video is simple

Customize your promotion video

Now you can start to edit your video. Add some text annotations, cut the video, slow some parts down, add some music and many many more. When you are done, you can export the video. I prefer full hd quality :)
movie maker export
Exporting the Android Promotion Video

Upload your android promotion video to youtube and add some cool music

Cool music will make your video appear cooler. Inside youtube you can add free music to your video. Click through some songs to find something smooth for your promotion video.

After you uploaded and modified the video, you can add it to your blog like this:

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  1. Thanks! And I've created my video with a help of this website that creates app promo video but maybe next time I will do it myself with a help of this article.