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How to add a gif as an android wearable watchface

Here is a short description on how to add a custom gif as an android watchface.

Things you need:

- aGif Watchface (for free at the play store)
- a cool gif animation (
- probably Gimp to rescale the gif image

1. Find a cool gif animation

Got it? Okay, lets to the next

2. Resize the gif animation

Your wearable is a small device, the gif should be reduced to minimum size. The best is to rescale its resolution to your wearables resolution (mostly 320x280 or 320x320).
This can be easily done with Gimp.

3. Copy the gif animation to your smartphone, dropbox or upload it somewhere.

4. Upload the gif animation to your watch with aGifWatchface.

After you have opened aGifWatchface, make sure that the connection to wearable is established. If you click on "test connection" you should receive a toast with the message "answer received". If not, please wait a little bit until the wearable is connected.

If you have the gif animation on your smartphone or dropbox you can add the file by clicking "open File", select it through your filemanager and send it directly to your device.

android gif watchface
aGif Watchface

If you have uploaded the gif animation somewhere copy the URL to the textfield and click "download". This will download the gif animation and send it to your device.

Your wearable will notify you when the gif animation is received.

android gif watchface
Gif animation received by wearable

 You can click on "set image" to open the aGifWatchface Configuration Activity.

set gif watchface
This opens the aGif Watchface Configs where you can select your animation

All included animations will be on top of the list. Custom added animations will be visible when your scroll down. All custom gifs must end with .gif.
android gif watchface
Included animations on top

gif watchface
Custom animations end with gif

Thats it! My new gif watchface is ready!

gif watchface space
The new cool gif watchface

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