Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2014

Here are some examples for aGif Watchface

With my latest app "aGif Watchface" you can use any gif animation as an android wear watchface!
Due to copyright reasons I could not include all animations I wanted. I only had the chance to add free animations.

But you can add cool gif watchfaces to your app on your own. Check these examples. Only the first animations are included inside the app. You have to search for custom animations with

android watchface tesseract
aGif Watchface Default animation

watchface psychodelic
A psychodelic watchface

watchface pear
A cute blinking pear watchface

matrix watchface
A simple matrix-like watchface

watchface seal
A cute baby seal as a watchface

bling bling watchface
Money counting watchface

total recall watchface
A cool animation from total recall

futurama watchface
Fry is clapping on your watchface

waves watchface
Calm waves as an animated watchface

nyan cat watchface
Nyancat hovers over your watchface

hypotoad watchface
The glory hypnotoad as a watchface

stars watchface
A flight through space as a watchface

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