Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 3 exploded last night...

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Overheated

I just read a story about a guy on reddit who complains that the battery of his Samsung Galaxy S 3 overheated and exploded! Wow! This happens really rarely. Check out the story here.
overheated samsung galaxy s3
An exploded Samsung Galaxy S 3

I wonder if my app Battery Temperature Guard could have saved his device? Would a faulty battery tell the app the correct temperature values? Who knows, but I am quite sure it could have saved his Samsung Galaxy S3. I mentioned the app in another more detailed posting about how it could help your battery live long.

Here are some of the pictures of his broken smartphone. You can clearly see the exploded battery and in the other picture is all burned stuff packed.

exploded smartphone battery
The exploded battery

overheated samsung galaxy s3
All packed together
overheated battery
Protect your battery before it overheats!

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