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My Nexus 4 temperature is quite hot

android battery temperature app

Hey guys.
I own a Nexus 4 and i really love it. The only thing that bothers me is that my Nexus 4 is getting quite hot. The "normal" temperature while using it is around 30-40 degrees celsius.
Like this the smartphone feels quite hot!

The bad thing is... it is not yet summer in germany! I am really afraid that it might overheat very fast if it finally gets hot here.
The Last two days were quite sunny and the temperature of my Nexus 4 was rising up to 50 degrees celsius. Wow! I just had to put my device on a table for a few minutes and I could cook eggs on it :) I tought it might explode.

Well that is the reason I created a small free app called "Battery temperature guard". This app monitors your current battery temperature and warns you if it gets to hot. This way you will never ever forget your smartphone frying in the sun ;)

android battery overheats
The app is free, but you can also buy the pro version of "Battery temperature guard" to get rid of the small ads.

How to use this app:

android battery temperature warning
Another cool feature: The temperature
history diagram

  • Download the Battery Temperature Warning app for free from the play store
  • Open the app, click on the upper right preferences button and adjust the warning temperature to your desired temperature. The default value is 40 degrees.
  • Thats it! The app will run in the background and constantly checks the temperature of your smartphones or tablets battery.
  • If the alarm goes off, just close the app you are using or put the device out of the sun somewhere in the shadows ;)


  • But my device automatically shuts down when it reaches 60 degrees?
    • Yeah thats right, but 60 degrees is a very high temperature for a battery and will reduce the lifetime of your battery dramatically. So its better to keep the battery temperature at a lower level and not let it get so high.

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