Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Several Apps removed from the play store

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Hey guys.

Recently google has taken down some of my apps from the play store.  They claim that I violated intelectual property of the owners. I find this quite of strange.

I don't use any original graphics in my apps. No original game icons and I always state at the app description and the so called "function image" (the one on top of the play store entry) that the apps are just unofficial fan apps.

The really strange thing is, that there are a lot "competitive" apps out there, that use original graphics as an app Icon and they are still available on the market. Most of these apps also use malicous advertisements, like airpush which will nag you with ad-notifications and ad-icons it will push to your device.

Well it seems, that google doesn't really care. My Candy Crush Tools app is removed. I am sorry that I cannot publish updates and bugfixes for this app. The apps were removed about a week ago and I am writing daily mails to the play store to get the apps published again, but I didn't get any answer yet. Maybe they are just too busy...I don't know.

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