Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Battery Temperature Guard Improved

battery temperature guard
Prevent your android from overheating

This app will help to prevent overheating of your android device. So if you have the problem, that your android device is getting too hot, use this app to notify you.

Improved performance and less battery usage!
The latest release of Battery Temperature Guard free and pro now features a new backend which is more stable and uses less battery then ever before!

android device is getting too hot
Dont worry this app is alsoavailable in english!

Bad Reviews on the play store

The first release of this app had a few nasty bugs and I got a lot of bad reviews. I tested the newest version of the app with AppThwack and the app now runs smooth on almost all devices. If you still have problems, please contact me before you rate this app bad. Thanks!

Improved Battery Usage

Check out these Screenshots from my Nexus 4. They show the power usage of all my apps. Battery Temperature Guard is not even visible!
android temperature too high
Battery Temperature Guard does
not drain your battery!
 As a deeper analysis I run WakeLockGuard for more then 13 hours. Basically this apps monitors how often an app wakes up your phone and drains your battery. Battery Temperature Guard does not have any effect on my battery usage. Cool!

battery temperature guard wake lock
Battery Temperature Guard only uses 4 sec in a 13 hour time period

If you don't have any Temperature Guard installed on your android device, download it now from the play store for free. In a few days this app will also be available von amazon app store.

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