Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

Where is my app?

where is my app Hey guys.

I always had the problem finding the apps I was looking for on my android device. While searching I kept swiping right and left through all my app icons but somehow I overseen the apps I was looking for.

Then I had an Idea:

Can I search my installed apps by name?

After researching a little bit, I did not find any cool app for this feature, so I started to create it on my own. Developing the "search app by name"- feature, I added a few other cool features, like sorting apps by usage.

And now I present to the first release of: "Where is my app?" :)
search android app by name
Filtering all installed apps by name
The two main features of this app are:
  • Search and filter all installed apps by name
  • Sort apps by usage. That means, if you start apps with "Where is my app?" they will be grouped on top of all apps, so you can start your regular apps quicker.
  • If you do a long click on the app icons, you can quickly view app informations or even deinstall an app with just a quick click :)
  • Cool fancy animations
 You can read more about the features of "Where is my app?" on the official "Where is my app blog"

where is my app
You can deinstall apps with just a single click

This app is free for everybody! It has a small adbanner on the bottom, but if you like you can get the pro version of where is my app without ad.

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