Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Using an old android device as a super cool online webcam

Hey guys.

I recently bought a new Nexus 4 and didn't really know what to do with my old Android phone. It's an  Samsung Galaxy S1. Although it doesn't get any more updates from Samsung its a quite cool device.

After flashing a new Cyanogenmod and running the latest Android 4.1 I had no real use for this device.

I found a real cool (and free) Android app called MobileWebCam. You can get it here:

The interface is not perfect, but after playing a little bit around, I quickly found out how I can use this app as a webcam which drops the images right into my dropbox folder! There are a few more options, you can also use it as an offline cam which stores the images on your sdcard.

Check out this video:

Here are some of my thoughts I wanted you to share.
- Configure the app to run as a background service, cause if it always shows the camera picture, the device will get quite hot. My device was around 50 degrees ;)
- Make sure to go to developer settings and check "keep active", so the display won't shut down.

I am currently using this cool app to monitor the growth of my chili plants ;) Here is a small animation of just a few hours:

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