Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

How to get an invite for the One Plus One

Hey guys.

I just wanted to share a very quick and easy way how to get an invite for the OnePlusOne or OPO. A few weeks ago I thought I would buy the new Nexus Smartphone, but it is too expensive for me ;)

one plus one invite
You will get your invite in the one plus one forum

How to get a OnePlusOne invite in 10 minutes

1. Go to and create an account. You need this anyway to buy one. 
2. Check out the forum. There are several subforums where invites are shared. Do not post an invite request!
3. Press refresh and when a new invite is posted, write a message to this person. 
4. If you are too late for this invite, repeat step 3 :)

I successfully got my invite in less then 10 minutes. Hope this helps! 
German invites are shared at this subforum:

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  1. I haveOneOPO invitefor purchase throughamazon.inonly.
    Therulesare simple:-


    GIVEAWAY #1 : Winner to be announced on 10/12/14 at ~11:30 AM

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