Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Best android apps for android developers

Hellow fellow android developers.

Today I am going to share a few free apps, every android developer should at least have checked out. These apps are especially for android developers and not just "normal" android users.

Device Frame Generator

android device frame generatorThe first one is one of my favorite apps I mentioned in another blog posting. It's called Device Frame Generator.
After you created a screenshot of your awesome app, just pop up the app, choose a device and add your screenshot. BAM!
You got a really nice and crisp screenshot inside your device.

Don't like this app? Just head over to the device art generator where you can do the same on the web.


Andlytics collects statistics from the Google Play Developer Console. It lets you track active installs, total installs, ratings, and comments for all your Android apps that are published on Google Play.
android andlytics

Andlytics is an awesome app for every android developer, who has put some apps to the play store. It will show you detailed statistics about our apps, ratings, downloads etc.
After your first install, dont be to disappointed cause it will not show statistics.
It needs to collect them for you and will do this on a regular base (configurable). So after a few days you can enjoy these statistics.

This app also notifies you about new ratings, comments etc, so you don't need to check the play store anymore ;)

Get it here!


android bitbeakerBitbucket offers free private git repositories. Their app bitbeaker is currently a very basic git repository tool. But it's a cool app to keep track of your repository and issues.

Give it a try!


android dev apps directA rather new and small app. It aims to list cool android libraries, extensions, widgets etc. Most of the libs should not be new to you, but I like the idea of the app and if the developer keeps it updated I think it will be a cool source to find new useful libraries. Play Store Link

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